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  1. Tan Hoan Cau Electromechanical Joint Stock Company was originated from a small enterprise at the end of the 90th decade, and officially upgraded as company named Hoan Cau Electromechanical Co., Ltd in 2002. After one year developing the market with confidences from customers, the company’s directorial board had made a decision in which the company became Tan Hoan Cau Electromechanical Joint Stock Company as mentioned.
  2. For the growth, personnel should be the center:

    Engineering team has been regularly and specially trained.

    Skilled and experienced labor force with fluently operations in manufacture and installation accordance to designed technical parameters.

  3. With accurate technological devices have been invested and dedicated electromechanic machines, and modern testers, criterion products will be born:

    Hi-quality as technical design required.

    With hi-tech and impeccable installation, designs are comparable with those produced in advanced countries.

    With specialized installation team and after sales programs, customers’ demands will be met: environment improvements, productivity enhancement; advanced effect, lower costs.

      Especially, we offer a service in designing and processing by customers’ demands.
  4. Producing and trading field:
    Specializing in designing, manufacturing, and installing.
    Cooling fans
    Fog-maker systems.
    Dust treatment.
    Cooling system.
    Other products
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